Subtraction Rhyme

It’s that time of the year when we delve deep into subtraction.  2nd grade has been reviewing 2 digit subtraction with and without regrouping before we plunge ahead to 3 digits.  We are striving to eradicate the fears often associated with subtraction by using a variety of techniques to boost their confidence.  Ask your scholar to show you how to subtract by counting backwards using Touch Points and have them chant our subtraction rhyme:

More on the top?
No need to stop!
More on the floor?
Go next door!

When scholars take the time to look carefully at the units column to identify which digit is greater, in conjunction with the catchy rhyme, they are more successful in completing problems with greater accuracy.

Additionally, our class has been working on mental math and timed math drills to increase number fluency.

As always, remind your scholar that going into something challenging is an opportunity for growth and improvement.  Have fun!


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