Snow Day Activities

In the event of a snow day, or school closing, please choose at least one of the following activities to complete, and be prepared to bring and share it with the class upon our return.

  • Want a fun way to reuse your NetFlix flaps?  Use them to create Netflix Origami.  How many shapes can you identify?  Search for equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles.  Perhaps you can locate right, obtuse or acute angles, too!
  • Learn more about Snowflake Bentley on this website.  Read any of the articles, check out some of his incredible photographs, or do some research of your own on this fascinating person who loved snow!
  • Watch a video on Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin
  • Create a Patchwork Art piece using materials you probably have lying around your home.
  • Online Dreidel game
  • Want to go outside but it’s too cold?  Brighten up your room with these coffee filter snowflakes.
  • Write a Snow Day story using as many of your current or old spelling words.  Have fun and be creative!
  • We have begun studying Native American’s.  Check out this website for a variety of Native American games, technology, and art.
  • Continue practicing addition with regrouping on ixl.
  • Accumulate more points on by reading books and taking quizes

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