The Anne Winkler Endowment Scholarship

Supporting Scholarships at The Summit Prep

The Summit Preparatory School of Southwest Missouri is pleased to announce the creation of the Anne Winkler Scholarship Fund. As one of the founders of The Summit and a former Chairperson of the Summit Board of Trustees, Dr. Winkler is a tireless and effective advocate for independent education in Southwest Missouri and her support both in time and resources has allowed The Summit to prosper.

This fund extends the opportunity for students with high academic potential or achievement to attend The Summit. These scholarships will be available for students who are not currently enrolled at The Summit.

Gifts to the Anne Winkler Scholarship Endowment Fund shall be administered according to the endowment policies of The Summit. Scholarship guidelines will be established by the scholarship committee of The Summit.

The development office will work with donors who are associated with The Summit as well as those who are friends of Anne Winkler to provide funding.

The Anne Winkler Scholarship Fund is the first endowed scholarship and honors her leadership and financial support during the formative years of the school.


n the Summit, my daughter has a second home. The Summit doesn’t just teach my daughter, the Summit somehow makes my daughter love to learn.

[She]comes home from school excited about what they learn in class… The Summit provides our kids with a chance to explore their creativity, to play music, to learn and to be proud of learning.

As a parent, I am so glad [she] is in a school where learning is as highly valued as sports. As a parent, it is exciting to be a part of a school that encourages our kids to be creative, to try something new, to grow in their hearts, minds, and spirits…

Right before [she] started kindergarten, we had some personal changes occur in our family. I had no idea how I was going to restructure everything in my life, much less keep my child in the school I wanted her to grow up in. With all the changes she was undergoing, the very last thing I wanted to do was to pull her out of the school she and I both loved so much.

We were blessed to receive financial aid for her kindergarten year. [She] has received financial aid for three years now which has made it possible to keep my child in the Summit.

I cannot express to you the deep, deep thankfulness I feel to those who have given financially to allow someone they don’t even know to benefit from all the Summit has to offer.

The Summit and its benefactors have given so much to my daughter that I know I can never repay.

- Summit Parent

2014 Financial Aid Recipient