May 6th – We love you, Mom!


We had a great finish to our super busy week and are excited to celebrate our moms this weekend! We wish you happiness, love, no laundry duty, and maybe even a nice quiet nap! 🙂 Beginners have nothing but love for their moms and it was so nice to hear the nice things they had to say about you. We hope you enjoy our super sneaky gift we have been working on for you.

My mom is awesome because…

…sometimes she let’s me play on my Xbox. – Matt
… she shares her pizza. – Samantha
… she swims with me. – Ella
… we cook special pizza together. – Parker
… she lets me watch movies. – Mason
… she reads me chapter books. – Bishop
… she is always helping me. – Eli

It is hard to believe that next Thursday we will begin our 10 day countdown to summer! Be on the lookout for some special activities that we will be doing in our class.

Topics to Chat About:

  • Did you finish your super sneaky Mother’s Day gift?
  • Where did you see Mrs. Raven today? (In spanish!)
  • Did you free draw on our giant table paper?
  • When we looked at our calendar today how many Fridays did we see left in our school year? (2!)
  • Can you show me the Friday dance you did during morning meeting?
  • What did you choose for Free Choice this afternoon?
  • What month are we in? Who has birthdays this month? (Mason and Bishop)
  • How many new letters did we get today? (1! – Ella’s Grandma and Grandpa)
  • Read Aloud: Families, Families, Families!

Picture Time:

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