Sept. 11, 2017 – Big B, Little b


It’s a beautiful sunny day in Beginners! Friends were quick to notice that our “This Week” board had changed and we have a new letter, color, and shape to focus on this week. Does that mean we forget about Aa, circle, and red? No way! We like to make pretend file folders in our brain and keep adding new information each day. We will continue to look at all the many letters, shapes, colors, numbers around us while we take some time to hone in on our focus topics.

Ask your Beginners about our “B” Exploration activities: Bb Book, Bear Puzzles, Bear Sorting, Big Bead Lacing, and Blocks!

Topics To Chat About:

  • What is your class job this week?
    • Line Leader: Noah
    • Door Holder: Teddy
    • Caboose: Coraline
    • Attendance: Ryker
    • Calendar: Allison
    • Weather Person: Emerson
    • Lights: Felicity
    • Library: Tucker
    • Clean Up: Madelyn
    • Teacher Helper: Elise
    • Vacation: Carley
  • What is our new letter of the week? (Bb)
    • Show me how to make the Bb sound by putting your lips together.
    • Can you tell me 2 words that begin with the Bb sound?
  • What is our new color of the week? (Orange)
  • What is our new shape of the week? (Oval)
    • What is the super fancy word for oval? (Ellipse)
  • Tell me about big bead lacing. Was it tricky for your finger muscles?
  • Please read me your Bb Book!
  • What was in the big purple present from Ryker’s family? (New imaginary play clothes!!! Thank you!!)
  • Our friend Noah just came back from a trip. What did he bring to share with you? (seashells!)

Look What Beginners Did Today!

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