Dear Summit Parents:
I am a new Summit parent and am so excited to be assisting with the Upper School Human Anatomy course this year.  The theme for the school year is “What does it mean to be Human?’ and the Anatomy course will allow students to explore not only clinical anatomy, but health, wellness, and many associated career choices.
I am writing in hopes that some of you may have access to anatomical models, tissue slides, skeletons or other books and materials that we could borrow to enrich the learning experience.  Any small models of joints, inner ears, hearts, etc. can really assist in learning.  In addition, I would love to have guest speakers with careers that involve applied science come and talk with the students.  Pharmacy, forensics, orthotics, nursing, therapists, audiology, healthcare finance and administration; the more diverse the better.  We have just over a dozen students so if you have relevant ideas for field trips I would welcome those as well.  For this introductory course I hope to inspire students to see ways in which an understanding of anatomy can enrich their future careers whatever they may be.
You can e-mail me directly at or call The Summit at 417-869-8077.
Thank you,
Amy Warner