Third grade students have been experiencing first-hand the wonder of geology. With a broad range of study including soil, topography, fossils, landforms, and much more, they have visited Riverbluff Cave and the Springfield Nature Center to see in person what they have learned. They visited Riverbluff Cave in Springfield. Students had the opportunity to see images and artifacts from what is now known as the oldest fossil bearing Ice Age cave in North America. They saw Mammoth bones, fossils from the giant short -nosed bear, large turtles and more. Then, students visited the Springfield Nature center to see features of Karst topagraphy. Students saw springs, sinkholes, and losing streams as they traveled along the Nature Center’s trails.

Making a cave out of sugar cubes.
The jaw bone of possibly the first Missourian. It still had two teeth!


Observing Karst topography features.