September 23 and 26 brought an opportunity for sweating for Kindergarten through 5th grade students. With an army of parent driver volunteers, and a multitude of car seats, our students traveled to Crossfit Springfield, a locally owned gym, whose motto is “FORGING ELITE FITNESS.”Students were exposed to a variety of fun, physically challenging activities. One parent escort of the trip commented, “They were working so hard, but having too much fun to realize it.” On the docket for the visits were Crossfit dodgeball, where if they got “out” they had to perform an exercise to get back “in” the game; rowing on rowing machines; doing box jumps; playing Tug-of-War against Grant Wistrom (and won!); doing chin-ups, cat’s cradles, and burpees; playing tag; running relays; crab walking; and bear crawling. All this in one afternoon of fun! Many of the activities learned at Crossfit will be making encore appearances in PE class with Mrs. Cowart back at The Summit campus, and if the red faces, deep breathing, and bright smiles of the students are any indication, they will continue to promote ” the virtues of a sound body with a sound mind” (quoted from The Summit’s mission statement), advocating life-long healthy choices.