Second grade students have learned the value of community service through Project H.O.P.E. This class sponsored the first of many community service projects throughout the school year, a shoe drive for people in Nicaragua. Second grade was visited by Tom Cook from Project H.O.P.E., to learn about the needs of the Nicaraguan people, as well as what young students can do to help. These students, or “scholars” as they are affectionately addressed by their teacher, Miss Tarrasch, took the lead on campaigning the effort and educating the rest of the student body about the project. Hand-made posters can still be seen on every floor of the school building, and these scholars actively promoted the project to their peers. They also enjoyed the fruits of their labor by filling two barrels with shoes to donate! Through year-long community service projects such as this, Summit students can continue to develop responsibility for themselves and their world. Look for more community service outreach to come from our caring student body. 
Student Reactions
“I like helping Nicreogwa becaus I love other people and I love helping other people. I know other people in nikeragwa are happy so I want to them as happy as they cood be.
Thank you!”
-Dylan B.
“Project Hope is very helpful. It can bring shoes for Nicragwa and help there contry. I like helping them. We give them things that we have and they don’t.
Thank you”
-Dorian K.
“Project Hope loves helping kids in Nicaragae hoo need shoes. I like helping kids in Nicargae because I like helping kids in need an because I like shoe a lot and I want kids to have lots and lots of prais of shoes.
Thank you from 2nd grade.”
-Devin L.