On Friday, September 9, The Summit hosted the Springfield Sister Cities Association Sumo Wrestlers. World Champion Sumo Byamba, weighing over 360 pounds, demonstrated key Sumo moves, including the foot-stomping stretch performed at the beginning of every match. Students were enthralled by the display of technique for winning, including a foot shuffle tactic that pushes the opponent out of the ring, and the technique of grabbing the mawashi (belt worn during the match) that can throw an opponent off balance. Students learned that the match ends when an opponent steps out of the ring or touches the ground with any body part besides his feet. After a stunning display of skill and style, Summit students had their own chances to face the mighty Byamba. Walker, 5th grade, assumed the starting position with Byamba and, upon the signal, quickly darted the opposite direction. Katie, 7th grade, pushed with all her might and was eventually knocked on her knees. Toby, 10th grade, provided more of a struggle as Byamba veered closer to the edge, but Toby was also eventually defeated. The highlight of the afternoon was the match between Mr. Keech, Summit music teacher, and the mighty champion. The students could be heard chanting “Mr. Keech, Mr. Keech, Mr. Keech” from outside the building, and the uproarious laughter shook the room, when he was tossed out of the ring. The reigning Summit champion of the day was Eden, 5th grade. Eden struggled endlessly, pushing with her whole body, and finally, Byamba took a step out of the ring, making Eden the champion.
Overall, the students were mesmerized by the spectacular display of strength, and many students spent the entire afternoon reliving the fun moments.