Following is the information that is for the Athletic events that each coach has planned for the summer. I would encourage all students that are interested in any sport to make an effort to participate in the athletic events scheduled for this summer.  See below for upcoming highlights and refer to the attachments for applicable dates and times.  Also I have provided all contact information for each coach for you to contact and ask questions or to get signed up for the different events.   Open gym for the Middle School and High School girls and boys basketball teams start next week!  Coach Moore has set up some golf clinics again and the Intramural Basketball Camps with Coach Davis and Coach MacKinney will be held June 11th-14th in the NCA gymnasium.  This would be a great opportunity for the MS basketball players to be able to work with the coaches.  We also have volleyball and soccer events scheduled throughout the summer.  These are just a few of the opportunities available this summer.  Please look through the attached calendar carefully for the sports that you are interested in and keep an eye for the athletic weekly reminders.


Eric Crain

Athletic Director

New Covenant Academy


High School Sports List Middle School Sports

*All Sports must have the MSHSAA Physical form filled out and returned by the first practice.

*MS Soccer has two extra forms to fill out the MYSA and Waiver


Attached File

Summer Calendar of Events (has all the sports info for the summer)

Intramurals Basketball for grades 5th-8th (put on by NCA with Coach Davis & Coach MacKinney)

Golf Flyer from Coach Moore (summer information)

MSHSAA Physical forms (for all athletes)

MYSA form (for MS boys and girls soccer)

LCS Waiver (for MS boys and girls soccer)


Fall (First day of practice Aug. 12th)          

HS Boys Soccer                               

HS Volleyball                               

HS Cheerleading                  

HS Cross-Country (hosted by The Summit)   


Fall (First day of practice)

7th-8th Boys Basketball (Aug. 19th)

7th-8th Girls Basketball (Aug 19th)

6th8th Boys Soccer (Aug. 20th)

7th-8th Cheerleading (Aug 21st)


Winter  (First day of practice Nov. 4th)                                                                  

HS Boys Basketball

HS Girls Basketball

HS Cheerleading

HS Girls Swimming (hosted by The Summit)                               



MS Volleyball (7th -8th)

MS Girls Soccer (6th-8th)

MS Girls/Boys Track (7th-8th)



HS Girls/Boys Track                         

HS Golf


Coaches and Contact Information

-Eric Crain: Athletic Director/Head Soccer Coach/Soccer Intramurals

Cell: 417-380-9264


-Mike Foley: Head Boys Basketball Coach

Cell: 417-840-2808


-Terry Davis: Assistant Boys Basketball Coach/Basketball Intramurals

Cell: 417-818-2157


-Steve MacKinney: Head Girls Basketball Coach

Cell: 417-861-8442


-Kimberly Bates: Cheerleading Coach

Email: kbates@

Jaime Wilson: Cheerleading Coach

-Mickey Moore: Golf Coach

Cell: 417-8398651


-Shannon Moots : Head Volleyball Coach

Cell: 417-942-8013


-Caly James : Assistant Volleyball Coach

Cell: 417-343-4273


BB Camps 2013.doc
MSHSAA Physical Forms (2).PDF
NCA Golf Clinics – promo flyer.doc
Summer Calendar