The Summit Upper School students are enjoying their new campus in downtown Springfield. To kick off their year-long theme, “The End of the World,” students attended a movie at the Moxie Cinema today. Unbenounced to them, their crafty teachers, Sandy Frye, Pat Misterovich, Christie Bowerman, Kyle McKee, Laura Stroup, and Becky Breckner staged a “lights out” scenario in the middle of their movie. All the power went out in the theater, and students were literally left in the dark to figure out what to do next. What is happening? Whom should we call?

Shay Lane from the Springfield Greene County Office of Emergency Management showed up, in uniform, to go along with the mock emergency. He told the students that a chemical truck crashed near the theatre and they were quarantined inside.  A short while later, after an emergency evacuation of the building, the truth was revealed and Mr. Lane visited with the students and discussed how his office prepares for similar emergencies. This mock accident was a kick-off for a detailed and project-based study of Springfield. As students learn more about their place — infrastructure, government, history, ecology, sociology — they will gain a better understanding of where their place is within their community, city, state, and beyond, and become active, informed, and engaged citizens of their communities.

Students will be downtown on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will continue to learn at the main campus on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.