After School Class Session #3
Postponed Until Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Due to low signups, we have pushed back the start date of session until next week.  Please consider signing your student up for one of these exciting and enriching extracurricular classes!!  Sign up here for your classes!


Tuesdays: Martial Arts

Instructor: Kenny Lourwood

Students will learn the basics of self-defense, kicks, and punches, or expand upon what they learned in the last session. Character development and focus is strongly emphasized.


Wednesdays: Taste of the Summit (Cooking Basics 101)

Instructor: Crystal Yarnell

Grades: 1-5

Students will have fun learning to prepare healthy meals and snacks. This class will integrate academic subjects (such as math, science and culture). Students will also receive nutrition education (fresh vs. processed foods, and how to read a nutrition label). Come join Mrs. Yarnell for a culinary experience. 

**NOTE: The next session (session #4) will be paired with the gardening class.

**NOTE: The change of days from the original schedule.


Wednesdays: Basketball

Instructor: Julie Freeman

For Boys & Girls

Held at: The Fieldhouse

Students will learn the fundamentals of basketball with an emphasis on correct form.


Thursdays: Gardening

Instructor: Jennifer Grace

Students will start seeds indoors to plant in the garden in the Spring. We will also work on our composting containers. There will be days when we begin to prep the garden if the weather permits.

**NOTE: The next session (session #4) will be paired with the gardening class.


Thursdays: Beginning Strings

Instructor: Shawn Keech

Grades: 3rd and up

This class will begin on January 30 and will meet every Thursday leading up to Spring Concert, 12 classes.