To The Summit Community:
On behalf of The Summit Board of Trustees, I cordially invite and encourage you to attend the Tuesday, January 27th State of the School Meeting. Attendees can expect to learn with confidence where The Summit is today and our plans for success well into the future. The 2015-16 academic year will prove to be a pivotal point in the history of The Summit. The outlook is encouraging and the path to achieving our vision is increasingly clear.
The Summit: “State of the School”
TuesdayJanuary, 27, 2015
6 – 7 p.m.
Summit Preparatory School – 2155 W Chesterfield Blvd.
3rd Floor Multi Purpose Room
In order for you to make decisions about your child’s education, you need quality and reliable information about The Summit. Within this comprehensive one hour meeting, I will share my view of the school. I will highlight the school’s many strengths, while also addressing the opportunities I see for improvement. You will meet and hear from The Summit Board of Trustees, including specific details on the school’s financial position and outlook, strategic planning efforts, and marketing initiatives.
Have no worry. We will also cover the “hot ticket” items on your mind: tuition plans for 15/16 and beyond, growth fund philosophy and status, physical facilities plans and more.
The Board of Trustees welcomes questions or topic requests before the meeting. Please share these via email or phone to Anne Mason, Board President ( or 417.880.5765). In addition, the Board of Trustees and I will be available following the presentation to address further questions.
I sincerely ask that you make every effort to attend. While the “State of the School” meeting is the first of its kind at The Summit, we plan to host this meeting annually. By virtue of the information you will receive on January 27th, I expect to reinforce your confidence in The Summit. And, I’m betting your confidence will be contagious!
Robert E. Gronniger
Head of School
The Summit Preparatory School