We were nonstop busy today with colorful fun!

We began the morning with a bug jigsaw puzzle that we completed in no time! Campers showed impressive skills like taking turns, sharing and working well together. That’s what I call teamwork!


Then, we read the story ‘The Tiny Seed’ which is a beautifully illustrated story about the journey a seed takes and what might happen along the way. We discussed the essential nutrients needed for a seed to grow and talked about what happens if they’re missing (too hot, too cold, not enough water or sunlight, etc).

We dove right into several crafts pertaining to the story such as using watercolors to paint a flower, finger-painting a tree and also practicing our numbers by sorting and counting “seeds.”

IMG_9270 IMG_9273 IMG_9275


Campers were fascinated by Eric Carle’s artwork for flowers, so we began working on making our very own replicas. We will be working on them bit by bit and will be revealed by Thursday or Friday.

IMG_9283 IMG_9282

We also adopted another one of Eric Carle’s techniques by using different shapes of sponges to paint and create our own masterpieces.


We also introduced centers such as working with bright-colored play dough and playing in the kitchen. I’m very impressed how easily all the campers get along and how they treat each other with kind words and respect. Beyond excited to see how the rest of the week pans out for us!