We got Summer Camp started right off the bat with an “All About Me” page that campers filled out and shared with one another as an ice breaker. Then, we began thinking more in depth about the future with a “100 Things I Want To Do In Life.” We challenged ourselves to think of a few to write down to begin with but to also keep up with it from time to time as the week/Summer passes.

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We have worked on everything from journal entries, to free writing, creating our own comic strip story to interpreting pictures and coming up with alternate versions unique to our own meaning. Writing for three hours straight is not easy, so to relieve our brains (and to surpass any writer’s block we may come across), we took several mini breaks throughout the afternoon and then got right back to work.

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We’ve also had plenty of laughable moments. We worked on Mad Libs – which are silly short stories that writers fill-in-the-blanks of missing adjectives, verbs, nouns, other parts of speech – and read out loud. We also wrote a story cooperatively on the white board. We each took turns rolling a dice. The number we landed on determined how many words we could come up with. When one of us ran out of words, the person that was next rolled their dice and continued the story with the number of words they had landed on. The story had an unpredictable outcome to say the least!

Each camper works at their own pace and are at different levels but their flow of ideas is endless. We’re focused on trying to capture as many of them on paper as we can by the end of the week!