We decided to change things up and read two books during our morning meeting: ‘The Very Quiet Cricket’ and ‘The Very Lonely Firefly.’ Similar in theme to ‘The Mixed-Up Chameleon,’ the cricket discovered traits that made each bug that he encountered unique or special, then discovered his own special talent when he realized the sound he could make when he rubbed his wings. With ‘The Very Lonely Firefly,’ we talked about the term ‘nocturnal’ and how certain creatures only come out at night. We used both stories as an introduction to our next craft: the Insect Jar.


IMG_9332 IMG_9329


Campers cut out their jars, glued them on construction paper on the color of their choosing, and began finger-painting. We will be the adding the rest of the details on Friday so that the paint has time to dry overnight. During this time, campers also played a game called ‘We’re Bugging Out’ and looked at books in the Bugs Library Center.


We reviewed names of other bugs and insects with coloring sheets that they worked hard to color in.


We began the third and final part to finishing our flowers; Eric Carle would be proud! Campers cut out the stem, petals and leaves, glued them onto plain white card stock paper and began splatter painting. They had so much fun flinging bright colors all over their masterpieces!

IMG_9349IMG_9344  IMG_9347 IMG_9343IMG_9345

Tomorrow we will end our week long camp journey strong – with The Very Hungry Caterpillar, of course!