When I found out there were 8 junior campers signed up for Under the Sea, I was ecstatic! I had already been gathering so many ideas for this theme and couldn’t wait to get them started! 🙂 I recruited my younger sister Aly to help out with all the ocean fun!

We read ‘How Roland Rolls’ which depicted the big, deep ocean in a way that is more relatable and could be grasped more easily by our junior campers. We discussed wave motions (which we later tied into with the Ocean in a Bottle craft), as well as the salty taste that many sea creatures thrive on in order to sustain life and how 71% of the Earth is made up of water! We also began learning a new song to help us remember the names of all 5 oceans.

We had a sensory tub filled with sand, seashells and plastic molds as one of the centers as well as coloring pages, do-a-dots, Hide N Seek (similar to I Spy) and ocean-inspired animal pattern mats.



IMG_9407 IMG_9412

IMG_9424 IMG_9425

After recess and a snack break, we continued working on other crafts like finger-painting a beach ball and creating Oceans in a Bottle. Campers loved shaking the bottle and making their own waves. We also had a library center where campers could expose themselves to several books about sea life and see pictures of other creatures that may not be as well known, like Krill and Clams.

IMG_9410IMG_9434IMG_9435 - Copy IMG_9433

We had such a blast! Tomorrow we will continue our ocean adventure with ‘Rainbow Fish.’