We began the morning with a video on ‘Ocean Habitats’ by Annie and Moby (via BrainPOP Jr.). Campers learned about the different zones that exist in the ocean as well as what critters live in them. The video also informed us the benefits of keeping our environment clean and ways to protect the ocean from pollution. Afterwards, we read Rainbow Fish, the tale with the underlying theme of how sharing can help us be a good friend to others. During the story, each camper received their own scale and were asked to think of something that they promise to share in the future.

IMG_9458 IMG_9459

We continued with a fish theme for the day and worked together to complete a Rainbow Fish puzzle, colored Rainbow Fish and completed a craft that turned ordinary toilet paper rolls into colorful and sparkly fishes.

IMG_9451IMG_9462IMG_9452 IMG_9466


We also painted scales and completed a classification worksheet where campers had to figure out what lives in the ocean and what lives on land!

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