I couldn’t help but start the morning off with an Eric Carle book even though all last week that was the central theme for another camp. His books are pretty great, especially because they can easily relate to anyone, both young and old. We read ‘A House for Hermit Crab,’ which reviewed the months of the year and introduced us to sea creatures that some of the campers had never heard about. The book also talked about change in a way that made it more understandable for young listeners.

For centers, we pulled out a sandbox different from day 1. The texture of this sand was a lot softer and the campers could’ve played in it for hours. Another center we played with involved water beads, a tub full of water and different sea creatures. I asked campers to identity each critter (there was 12 in all) as well as to say what made that specific critter unique or different from the rest.


IMG_9503 IMG_9498 IMG_9510

We painted seashells and practiced our counting skills when we made sure that our octopus had 8 tentacles. 🙂

IMG_9512 IMG_9505 IMG_9511IMG_9493

We kept adding to our ocean collection with a jellyfish and starfish craft to end our Wednesday with!

IMG_9516 IMG_9521

IMG_9517 IMG_9520