We had so much fun on Thursday and Friday!

On Thursday, our theme for the day was sharks, whales and dolphins. We talked about the anatomy of these three creatures, like how the whale and dolphin have a spout to blow out water and how many different types of sharks there are.

We finished up some of the crafts that we were working on Wednesday. The jellyfish and starfish turned out awesome! Some campers decided not to include two eyes on their jellyfish and explained why with very elaborate stories. It was neat to see how something ordinary like a paper bag could be turned into something with such life and personality. It never ceased to amaze me how creative this group is!

IMG_9529 IMG_9544

We also practiced tracing letters along with sea creatures coloring sheets.

IMG_9539 IMG_9543

Campers requested the sand and water sensory bins, so we pulled those out again once they were finished with all crafts and activities planned for the day. We began painting plates for our fish bowl and whale projects.Campers also drew their own interpretations in response to a worksheet called “What do you see in the water?” and wrote out what their drawings were. We ended the day with an Itsy Bitsy Shark book that campers cut out, assembled together and colored.


On Friday, the highly anticipated Water Day had finally arrived! Thanks to all the parents for being so flexible and willing to let their child play outside despite the rainy weather! I loved how everyone came decked out with their water shoes, suits and umbrellas/water toys.

We completed our fish bowls and whales. They turned out awesome!

IMG_9553IMG_9584 IMG_9581

We also had a library center where I had switched out all the books from Monday with new ones that depicted so many different pictures of what we had been talking about all this week. Another center we had was ‘I Spy Aquarium’ where campers had to find letters of the alphabet to match the ones on the board as well as Under the Sea themed puzzles and another sensory station that included shaving cream and blue food coloring. Campers had a blast writing out their names, words like ‘MOM’ and ‘DAD,’ letters, numbers, etc.

IMG_9574IMG_9559  IMG_9564 IMG_9575

IMG_9555 IMG_9563

We had snack while we watched another short video from BrainPOP Jr. that recapped information about the ocean, the zones and the characteristics of some of the critters we had been talking about. They ate their snack as they watched it.


Around 11 am, we decided to venture outside! Mr. Mike had hooked up a hose so Mr. G held a continuous mist that campers ran through with and without their umbrellas. We also had the water shooters, sponge balls and ice chalk molds that I had created at home the night before. As they melted, campers discovered that they had hidden treasures: plastic figurines of sea animals that we had been talking about all week! We ended up playing outside on the playground for about 20 minutes, but they still had fun and made the most of the weather! 😀