We’re into our third week of Jr. Summer Camps and our theme is African Safari. We typically go through a morning meeting where we get classroom jobs assigned, go through the day/month/year, as well as read a morning message accompanied with a book. Today, Safari Explorers sat in chairs set up in two aisles as I explained to them that in order to get to Africa, we had to fly on an airplane for basically a whole day. Many had never been on a plane before, so we used our imagination to picture what it would be like being on an airplane. We talked about safety, like finding the emergency exists and buckling our seat belts, and we also filled out flight information as part of one of our centers. This included name, destination, time, check-in and security. The part that I got a kick out of was when I asked each of them individually how many bags they think they’d need, I had answers as little as one bag to 20 bags!

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Safari Explorers also got an idea of where Africa is located by an inflatable globe that I passed around to each of them. They got to see where our location was in relation to Africa.


We also talked about what kind of animals we might see in Africa. A majority of our centers focused mainly on animals and being able to identity what animals we would see in Africa and which ones wouldn’t be likely. That included puzzles, a puppet show filled with an assortment of animals and a container filled with plastic figurines that included an assortment of critters from giraffes and lions to dinosaurs and penguins.


We wrapped up our day with a short video on the rainforest which is one of the habitats we’ll be looking at more closely within the week.