We have been having so much fun during our trip in Africa! Have a look at some of the crafts and activities we’ve been working on!

We made Maasai necklaces which are popular in African culture.

IMG_9621IMG_9652 IMG_9651

We also created our very own Safari hats.


To go along with our hats, we made binoculars and used them during our ‘Lion Hunt’ and Safari Tour around the classroom where Mrs. Raven strategically hid several Safari themed animals and explorers found as many as they could.

IMG_9706 IMG_9700 IMG_9703IMG_9701

We created lion’s manes using forks and bright orange paint.

IMG_9666 IMG_9674 IMG_9671

We colored our very own giraffes, added cheerios as the spots and painted them brown.

IMG_9703 IMG_9692 IMG_9685

We have colored, drawn, cut, painted, problem-solved, identified animals, used our imagination and we’ve been having a pretty wild adventure so far. 🙂