Employment Opportunities

The Summit is hiring!

The Summit Preparatory School of Southwest Missouri is seeking educators in the following areas for the 2017-2018 academic year:


English as a Second Language (Part Time) Upper Elementary and Middle School


This private, independent school offers students the opportunity to excel in a supportive and educationally stimulating environment. Small class sizes, outstanding instructors, and a progressive, challenging curriculum are only a few of the benefits that students receive at The Summit.


What Makes The Summit Different?

The Summit Preparatory School is an independent school. One of the advantages of an independent school is the ability to concentrate on meeting the needs and aspirations of pupils, rather than spending too much time on government-imposed targets.

Faculty and staff at The Summit know YOUR child and work diligently to create a learning environment that fosters the enjoyment of learning for all of the students.

Student success involves a partnership between faculty, students, and families.