Ways to Support the Summit

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Giving - 1 The Summit Prep is a community purposely created by parents who choose an independent school for their children; by teachers who work well beyond the school day to re-envision what education should look like; by grandparents who provide encouragement and love; and by alumni who prove that education is a lifelong pursuit. The Summit is created by businesses who open their doors and welcome students to visit and intern. The Summit is students who embrace learning as something more than a building, more than a classroom, more than an obligation. Students are the heart of The Summit Prep community, and their education is a unique and personal experience. Supporting those students means supporting their future. The cost of a Summit education averages $13,525, well above the tuition charged. The Summit depends on the generous support of donors to bridge the gap between tuition and actual cost. There are many ways to support The Summit, and all gifts are important.