Can Animals create Art?

Yes animals can both make and sell artwork, in fact check out this website its about animals selling art, and pigs trying to get enough money for a piggy park.

caregivers saw what a great time that the porcine painters had creating their masterpieces so they have continued the practice and sell the finished works to raise money to build a Piggy Park. Art lovers can purchase their own “Pig-cassos” and specify size, colors, and even request a specific pig painter.

It also has some on monkeys.

Several years ago I purchased a piece of animal art created by a Chimpanzee named Johnny who lived at the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary in Palm Harbor, Florida.  At that time, the facility was closed and was trying to raise funds to open a bigger and more environmentally natural habitat for the animals.  Apparently the chimps had been creating art for several years so facilitators began selling the work created by the monkeys to help raise the needed capitol

Read it, it’s pretty entertaining.