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Population Growth in Germany

Germany soon became an industrial giant. Not only did the economy grow, but the population of Germany expanded. The population went from 41 million in 1871 to 49.7 million in 1891 and then 65.3 million in 1911.

Birth rates were highest in the urban parts of the country because many many people migrated from rural areas to urban areas. People went to the places where jobs were available. Railways were used greatly to transport people to more urbanized parts of Germany. Berlin was the country’s largest city and the country’s largest industrial center. In thirty-five years the population of the city doubled, from one million to two million. Other cities with a lot of industrial centers tripled and quadrupled in size during the industrial revolution.

Ruhr, Germany; urban city 1900s

Berlin, Germany; country’s largest city and largest industrial center; 1900s