Week Ending March 13 (Week 28)

Early Learners:

Our Beginner and Pre-K celebrations were held in February. Videos of the two celebrations are now posted to our 2019-2020 Concert and Celebration Playlist.



Kindergarten through 2nd Grade musicians are working on two vocal pieces together. 3rd through 5th Grade musicians are also working together on two choral pieces (and a few surprises for the concert). The Current Semester Tutorials playlist contains videos for practicing at home.

Upper School

Middle school & All-Star musicians continue to work on their concert pieces. All playlists and assignments are posted on their Google Classroom pages.


Week Ending February 14th (Week 24)

Happy Valentines Day. Thank you for all of the kind wishes and treats.

As our weather has been a little messy outside, Early Learners have been trading time between working on music for their upcoming classroom celebrations and moving along with Just Dance. Dancing is a great way to enjoy and participate in music for a lifetime.

Our elementary students have have been working hard on their choral pieces for our April 28th concert. Tutorials can be found on our Current Semester Tutorial playlist. It will be helpful for students to practice their songs at home; all of our songs will need to be memorized (even the ones that are not in English).

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Thanks again to the Rauch family for helping deliver out new choral risers!

Pieces for our three Middle School groups have also been chosen. Tutorials and practice videos for Middle School musicians can be found here.


Week Ending January 10 (Week 19)

Although our musicians are slowly returning to a normal schedule, there have been a few special things going on since the break.

Many of our students attended the premiere of our Annual Film Fest’s entries today in the music room:

Early Learner and Elementary vocalists began new vocal warm-ups to add to their music time.

3-5th Grade musicians have begun interleaving vocal and recorder work.

2nd Grade students are working hard to get their hand position just right and get a good tone (being careful to cover each hole and being careful with their air).

Middle School musicians are continuing a quasi-tradition of starting  the new semester with a work by Gilbert and Sullivan. Pirates of Penzance returns this year, bringing with it discussions about the work, history, and how intellectual property issues have been causing difficulty for creators well over 100 years.

Speaking of confusing intellectual property issues, you can find several performances of Penzance on YouTube, including the one we are watching at school, just in case you missed part of it and can’t live without the patter.

Fall Concert: 6:30 pm Tuesday, November 19 at the Gillioz

Summit Families,

It’s time for our Fall Concert once again. Our musicians have worked very hard over the past several weeks, and I’m sure everyone will have a great time.

Here are some important things you may wish to know about Monday’s dress rehearsal and Tuesday’s concert:

Summit musicians will gather tomorrow morning (Monday, November 18) at 9am in the music room to rehearse. We will focus on logistics and timing (where to sit, when to come onstage, where equipment and stands can be found). Although we may not be able to play everything all the way through, students playing instruments (recorders, drum sticks, guitars) will need to bring them.

The concert will begin at 6:30 on Tuesday, November 19th. All-Stars will be able to have a sound check if we arrive at 5:15. Middle School musicians that play an instrument will need to arrive in time to tune at 6:00. All other students may arrive no later than 6:15.

Concert dress is a red Summit uniform polo and khaki pants. No jeans or shorts, please. Ladies may wear khaki capris if they would like. If a musician chooses to wear a dress (either the one-piece red uniform dress or a khaki skirt with their red Summit polo), please wear white tights or white leggings underneath. The short-sleeve red Summit polo is recommended as the lights on stage are very warm. High School musicians may wear nice jeans and a Summit Spirit Wear shirt of their choice.

Musician safety is always important to us, especially while we are off campus. It is important that you are with your musician until you bring them to their teacher.

Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd parents may check musicians in with their teachers in the reserved rows (on the left side of the audience) and then find a comfortable place to enjoy the concert. We ask that musicians remain with their parents until their classroom teachers arrive. After their numbers, musicians will remain seated with their class until the end of the concert.

3rd, 4th and 5th parents may check musicians in with their teachers in the reserved rows on the right side of the audience and then find a comfortable place to enjoy the concert. We ask that musicians remain with their parents until their classroom teachers arrive. After their numbers, these musicians will remain seated with their class.

Middle School parents may check musicians in with their classroom teachers in the reserved rows on the left side of the audience and then find a comfortable place to enjoy the concert. We ask that musicians remain with their parents until their classroom teachers arrive.

All-Stars will spend the entire concert onstage or backstage.

We ask that musicians with instruments wait a moment for things to clear before picking them up.

Our concert will be held at The Gillioz, located at 325 Park Central E, Springfield, MO 65806.

Parking is abundant downtown, but you may have to take a further spot as the concert approaches. We always recommend carpooling and arriving early.

The concert will begin promptly at 6:30 and will last about an hour and a half.

It is understandable that a musician may be ill or need to be absent or leave early due to a previous commitment. Please RSVP your teacher and Mr. Keech via email with any regrets.

Footage of our previous concerts can be found here on YouTube or on the Summit Music Blog.  Be sure to subscribe, and feel free to share videos from the concert with me; I’d love to be able to share them in our concert playlist.

Thanks for all that you do to make our school great!

Shawn Keech

Week Ending November 8 (Week 13)

Early Learners performed our first classroom celebrations of the year this past week!

All of our other students should be practicing their parts for the concert a little each day.

There are many videos posted to help our students practice at home.

These playlists update automatically as new videos are added; be sure to check back often as you practice.

The Fall Concert will be held at 6:30pm November 19th at The Gillioz! We like to remind families to connect with your student’s teacher when taking students to their rows, and to plan to enjoy the full concert in support of our Summit musicians. The next post will have more information about the concert.

Keep practicing!

Mr. Keech