Week 2 of Distance Learning

Hola!  We have officially made it to the 2nd week of distance learning.  I hope everyone is adjusting to this new style of learning.  It takes a lot of patience and flexibility!  The Spanish Learning Plan for this week has been posted under the Distance Learning Tab. Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing the plans or have any questions! It was so great to hear from so many students. I love to see and hear you learning and practicing your Spanish. Keep sending me videos and pictures!  Here are a couple of examples from last week:


Distance Learning for Spanish

Hola! Please review the Distance Learning tab on the Spanish Blog to see the communication and learning plan for Spanish classes as we navigate through the next couple of weeks. You should also be receiving information through your child’s classroom teacher. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! We are set up and ready to learn at my house!

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Spanish Day

What a fun day of celebrating the Spanish language!  Students in all grades embraced different Spanish-speaking cultures through bright-colored ensembles, Mexican sombreros and flags, Catrina dresses and make-up, Summit Spanish spirit wear, and even attire for the Andes mountains. To top it all off, a taco truck from Tinga Tacos came to campus for lunch. ¡Fue un día tan divertido!

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Summit Spirit Week

Summit Spirit Week 2020

Next week is Summit Spirit Week! Show off your Raven pride in our special themed days! Dressing out is not required to have Summit spirit. Each day is an optional, no-cost dress out theme day. Clothing should always be school appropriate. Students may choose to wear their regular uniform as well.
Monday, March 9th: Specials Day – Celebrate Summit Specials Classes by dressing as a favorite musician, artist, or athlete… or anything that represents those specials classes!
Tuesday, March 10th: Spanish Day – We attend Spanish class everyday! Dress to attend a fiesta! Any Summit Spanish shirt, Hispanic flag colors, taco outfits, etc. Note: This is still a PE day, so be sure you can run around and move freely in your outfit.
**TACO TUESDAY** We will host an all-school picnic on Tuesday! Parents are welcome to attend. Tinga Taco’s food truck will be on campus for hot lunch! School lunches are available for $5 (pre-order or order morning of by 9:00 am, just like normal): 2 beef tacos, 2 chicken tacos, or a half order of nachos. The whole food truck menu will also be available for purchase with cash or card (for adults or upper school students).
Wednesday, March 11th: College & Career Day – At The Summit, we prepare our students for life! Dress for your future career or to support your favorite college/university!
Thursday, March 12th: Pajama Day – We love our 8:45 a.m. start time at The Summit! Dress comfy in your school appropriate pajamas. Remember that students should wear regular close-toed, close-heeled shoes for walking around the building and for PE class!
Friday, March 13th: Ravens Reach Out Day – Not only are Summit students intelligent, they’re also good citizens! For the third year in a row, we are participating in our Raven Reach Out Day, when our entire school (Beginners through High School) volunteers in the community. Dress in Summit Spirit Wear, pants, and shoes appropriate for light yard work. Check your emails for more information.

Cielito Lindo

3rd graders are wrapping up their 2nd trimester unit: Vamos a comer (Let’s Eat).  Students can now name a variety of fruits, vegetables, everyday foods,  and utilize phrases necessary to dine at a Spanish-speaking restaurant. Last week we were able to utilize these skills in a real word experience as we traveled to Cielito Lindo for lunch.  Students were responsible for ordering and making all requests in Spanish and they did an amazing job. They were even complimented by the managers and staff, who were extremely impressed with their Spanish.  Check out the videos and photos below.

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Spanish Weather Forecasts

During the 2nd Trimester, 1st Grade students have been exploring the theme: ¿Qué Tiempo Hace? (What is the Weather Like?)  They learned how to say the four seasons and a variety of different ways to describe the weather that may occur during each season.  To utilize these new skills, students were then divided into small groups and become meteorologists.  Each team chose a Spanish-speaking country and created their own 5 day forecast  for that location.  The weather got pretty wacky for some of these areas!  Check them out!

Desfile de Moda 2020

5th grade students have been working diligently this trimester planning their very own Spanish fashion show.  Our young designers worked day and night to piece together the perfect ensemble for this special event. Our top models hit the runway on Thursday and Friday wearing some of the trendiest attire of 2020.  Our designers gave full descriptions (in Spanish of course) of these latest fashions. Check it out!

En Mi Tiempo Libre (In My Free Time)

In Second Grade Spanish, the theme for 2nd trimester is En Mi Tiempo Libre (In My Free Time). Students are now able to name a variety of athletic and free time activities, identify things needed to play or do these activities, and express which activities they like to play, do, or watch on the television.  Students used this information to write a paragraph about themselves and then presented it to their classmates.

Preguntas, Preguntas, Preguntas

In order to get our brains thinking in Spanish, we begin each class with some sort of preguntas (questions) activity.  Students practice exchanging information about their names, origin, age, birthday, likes and dislikes, favorites, feelings, and even capitals of Spanish-speaking countries.  Most students love to chat, so this is a great way to get them talking in Spanish.  Check out the 3rd graders in action.



Upcoming Projects, Presentations, and Field Trips

Collaborative projects, presentations, and field trips are all important elements of The Summit.  These components enable  an environment that fosters the joy of learning for students and creates a unique experience.  Here is what that currently looks like in Spanish class:

First Grade:  First grade students have mastered how to say the 4 different seasons in Spanish and are working on various expressions to describe the weather.  This week they will become meteorologists as they break into small groups and design their own 5-day forecasts.  Stay tuned for some videos of our first grade weather teams as they forecast some crazy weather!

Second Grade:  Second graders are now able to identify a wide range of recreational and athletic activities.  They can also count all the way to one hundred by tens and to one thousand by hundreds! This week they will write and illustrate about what they like to do in their free time. When finished they will present these paragraphs to the class and we will post them to YouTube.

Third Grade:  Third grade students are right in the middle of their food and restaurant unit.  They have been learning various fruits, vegetables, and every day foods, and rehearsing how to order and make requests at a restaurant.  At the end of the trimester, they will put these skills to the test as we travel to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch.

Fourth Grade: Along with our zoo unit, Fourth grade students began the 2nd trimester learning about the exciting world of irregular verb conjugations!  We began with two irregular verbs, ser (to be) and tener (to have).  We are incorporating these two new verbs into our zoo project. Students are designing their own zoos and describing what each animal looks like, what they like to do, what they eat, and what characteristics they have….all in Spanish.

Fifth Grade:  Fifth grade students have transformed into fashions designers and models this trimester.  They are in the process of planning their very own Desfile de Moda (Fashion Show), which will take place in front of a live audience.  Stay tuned for a very entertaining video and performance!

Sixth Grade: In Sixth grade, students are exploring the world of shopping in Spanish-speaking countries.  They are learning how to bargain, ask for prices, and describe articles of clothing.  Additionally, they are learning to describe actions in the past tense. They are combining all of these skills to create a digital Fashion Show which will be presented in front of their peers.

8th/High School:  8th and High School students are discussing the news and current events in Spanish class.  Students are learning terminology to discuss real issues and happenings around the world.  Students are also exploring a new Spanish mood, the subjunctive, which is used in Spanish to express uncertainty or doubt.  They are working in groups to publish their very own Spanish newspapers complete with current event articles, a weather forecast, a comic strip, a crossword puzzle, a sports section, a restaurant review, and horoscopes.