Mi Pasaporte

Each student in Kindergarten through 5th grade receives their very own pasaporte or passport to keep in their Spanish folder.  We talk about the purpose of a real passport and how we need it to enter and exit countries outside of the United States.  It’s also a great way to keep track of all of the countries we visit when we travel.

In the same spirit, we will use our pasaportes to keep track of what we are learning in class.  At the end of each unit, students will get their very own stamp to put in their passports as a reminder as to what we have learned.  We will date each sticker and maintain this system all the way through 5th grade.  By the end of their 5th grade year, students will have a passport full of stamps and good memories!


August 28th-September 1st

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¿Cómo te llamas?

Spanish classes are off to a fantástico start!  At The Summit, students receive Spanish every single day…TODOS LOS DÍAS!  We worked this week on setting expectations, which you will probably be able to decipher, as their English and Spanish spellings are similar:  flexible, respetuoso, responsable, and most importantly….divertirse (to have fun!).  The highlight of the week for students was choosing their very own Spanish name to use throughout the school year.  We all practiced sharing our new names and asked others what their names are. We ended the week with one of the many games we will play this year to help us practice our speaking skills: Mono Loco or Crazy Monkey!  Be sure to ask your student about it.

This Week:

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