The Clapping Game

This trimester in 4th grade, students are learning how to conjugate irregular verbs in the present tense.  We began with ser (to be), one of the most commonly used verbs in daily conversation.  Through their new favorite game cleverly named, The Clapping Game, students have mastered this first conjugation and are beginning to utilize it in their  daily Spanish conversations.  Check out the video below of The Clapping Game in action.

Los Planetas

In Spanish, we often try and correlate our lessons with what the students are learning in other content areas in order to make connections beyond the classroom and deepen understanding.

Our theme this trimester in 2nd Grade Spanish is El sistema solar y más allá (The Solar System and Beyond) which aligns nicely with their science theme.  Students each chose a planet to illustrate and write about in Spanish.  They practiced presenting  with their teacher, in front of their peers, and finally in front of the camera.  Check it out!

Frase de la semana

Every Monday students are introduced to a new frase de la semana (phrase of the week).  The phrases selected are common expressions or questions that we  use on a regular basis.  Once the phrase is mastered students are encouraged and often required to use it not only in Spanish, but outside of class as well.  You may hear your child using these phrases in the morning when they encounter Mr. G. or myself at morning car line.  Here are the phrases we have learned so far:

¡Qué tenga(s) un buen día! (Have a good day!)

Hasta pronto. (See you soon.)

Mucho gusto.  (Nice to meet you.)

Igualmente.  (Likewise.)

¿Puedo ir al baño?  (May I go to the bathroom?)

Fuera de la clase

We are so  fortunate to have a school that offers Spanish to our students every single day!  This opportunity is amazing and gives our students a wonderful foundation.  Students can take their journey in learning a 2nd language even further if they continue to use and practice theirs skills fuera de la clase (outside of the classroom.)  Here are some great ideas and tips  for encouraging your child to use Spanish at home or out in the community….even if you, the parent, don’t speak Spanish:

-Use Google Translate or an English/Spanish dictionary and label things around your house in Spanish.

-Watch your favorite movies, but change the language to Spanish.

-Get involved with native speakers in the community.

-YouTube has all sorts of videos on any topic you desire!

-Visit the library and check out books in Spanish.

-Check out the free app DuoLingo.

-Find an online resource that will connect you with a pen pal from a Spanish-speaking country.

-Visit the Links page on the Spanish Blog.  There are all sorts of games and resources for practicing your Spanish skills.