Los Proyectos de Cultura (Culture Projects)

Exposing students to other cultures and helping them gain a better awareness and appreciation of the world around us is an important facet of The Summit’s Spanish program.  Students in middle and high school are tasked each year with researching and presenting on Spanish-speaking countries.  Students may choose to work alone or with a partner to explore a country’s geography, flag, history, food, plants and animals, government, festivals, etc.  Depending on their level of Spanish, students are required to deliver a portion of their presentation in Spanish.   As a final component to their project, students are required to bring in an authentic dish from their country and we have a feast of foods from around the world.


Spanish Competitions

Once students at The Summit enter into middle school, they have the opportunity to participate in the OHSL (Ozark Hispanic Studies League).  This group hosts 3 events a year, allowing students to compete against other schools in the areas of vocabulary, poetry, singing, dancing, and culture bowl.  We recently took 10 Summit students to Purdy High School to compete in the 2nd competition of the year.  Our students walked away with an impressive performance:

1st place in Vocabulary

2nd place in Poetry

2nd place in Singing

4th place in Culture Bowl.

We look forward to our final competition in March on the Missouri State campus.