3rd grade students were able to put their Spanish skills to the test on Friday as they traveled to Primas Mexican Grill for lunch.  Students were responsible for ordering and making requests in Spanish and they did an excellent job!



Let’s Get Talking! (¡Vamos a hablar!)

8th graders and high school students were challenged last week to really put their Spanish skills to the test.  Each student was given 3 potential speaking prompts, and had to speak for 2-3 minutes on one of the topics provided.  8th graders were allowed to choose their topic ahead of time, but high school students were not allowed to narrow it down until the last minute.  Check some of them out below!

Desfile de Moda


5th grade students have been working diligently this trimester planning their very own Spanish fashion show.  Our young designers worked day and night to piece together the perfect ensemble for this special event. Our top models, Pancho Villa, Catarina, and Sandra hit the runway today wearing some of the trendiest attire of 2018.  Our designers gave full descriptions (in Spanish of course) of these latest fashions. Check it out!