Upcoming Dates in Spanish Class

This time of year is always packed with activities to end the school year.  Here are a few upcoming dates and events to be aware of in Spanish class:

Culture Day:  This event will take play on Friday, May 11th from 9:00-12:00.  Students will be divided into 7 teams/countries and will travel around the world experiencing the culture of each country.  Students will be making crafts, dancing, make and tasting tortillas, playing games, and even participating in a scavenger hunt.  Upper School students have worked hard to plan the activities and we hope to make it an annual event.

Fiestas: Our annual fiestas will take place this year for Kindergarten-5th graders on Monday, May 14th and Tuesday, May 15th.  You should have received an email with more details and a sign-up sheet if you would like to bring in supplies for that day.

3rd-5th Grade:  Students are wrapping up their culture projects and we will plan to present next Wednesday and Thursday, May 9th and 10th.  Most students have used their time wisely in class and will not need to do much at home to complete these projects.

Middle School Students (6th-7th):  Middle school students are wrapping up a final culture project due on Monday, May 7th.  They also will give their final oral presentations on Tuesday, May 8th.

8th-High School Students: 8th and high school students have been working hard on the planning of our all school Culture Day which will take place on Friday, May 11th.  They will also give their final oral presentation on Tuesday, May 8th.  Additionally, on Monday, May 16th students will put their speaking skills to the test as we go to Prima’s for lunch.  They will be expected to order and make requests entirely in Spanish.

Special Visitors

1st, 3rd, and 4th graders had a special visitor on Friday.  Linda Gibson, the grandmother of Eli and Brighton Thomas, came to share her experiences and knowledge on the country of Panama.  Students learned more about the Kuna Indians, including what they typically wear and what their housing looks like.  One of our 3rd graders even got to dress up as a young Kuna girl (see pictures below).  Linda also shared stories about traveling down the Panama Canal, common foods in Panama, living conditions, and what transportation is like in Panama City.


FIESTA in 4th Grade!

The Summit 4th Grade class was one of the lucky winners of the Gala Fiesta Experience this year.   Fourth graders won a fiesta complete with music, dancing, chips, salsa, queso, a pinata, and even cascarones.  Check out the videos and photos!