Fuera de la clase

One of many facets that make The Summit unique is that we are able to offer Spanish to our students every single day!  This opportunity gives our students a wonderful foundation in learning a 2nd language.  Students can take their journey even further if they continue to use and practice their skills fuera de la clase (outside of the classroom.)  Here are some great ideas and tips  for encouraging your child to use Spanish at home or out in the community….even if you, the parent, don’t speak Spanish:

-Use Google Translate or an English/Spanish dictionary and label things around your house in Spanish.

-Watch your favorite movies, but change the language settings to Spanish.

-Get involved with native speakers in the community.

-YouTube has all sorts of videos in Spanish on any topic you desire!

-Visit the library and check out books in Spanish.

-Check out the free app DuoLingo.

-Find an online resource that will connect you with a pen pal from a Spanish-speaking country.

-Visit the Links page on the Spanish Blog.  There are all sorts of games and resources for practicing your Spanish skills.

Viernes Culturales (Cultural Fridays)

We are off to a fantastic start in Spanish!  Students spent the first week getting back into the groove of speaking Spanish.  We reviewed the basics (alphabet, colors, numbers, etc.), chose our new Spanish names for the year, and even played one of our favorite games, Mono Loco (Crazy Monkey) to practice asking and answering questions in Spanish.

Each Friday is dedicated to learning more about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.  We explore the geography, capital, flag, coat of arms, animals, and even music.  Students love to watch and dance to music videos in Spanish!


During the 1st trimester, Kindergarten through 5th grade students will take a closer look at El Salvador.  Today, students found it on a map, labeled it, and discussed where it is located in relation to where we live.  Next week we will take a closer look at the country itself and discuss the meaning behind its coat of arms.



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The Spanish classroom is ready to roll!

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