Un día de nieve

¡Feliz día de nieve! (Happy Snow Day!)  I hope you all are enjoying the snow and staying warm.  If you are looking for some indoor activities to do, here are some ideas:

-Visit the links page on the Spanish Blog where you will find all sorts of games and activities.

-Listen to the English and then Spanish versions of The Snowy Day or El  día de nieve by Ezra Jack Keats.

-Check your DVDs and see if any of your favorites have Spanish audio.

-Listen to some of your favorite Spanish songs from our YouTube playlist.

La Silla Caliente

La Silla Caliente or The Hot Seat is one of the many games we play in Spanish to get our brains thinking in Spanish.  La Silla Caliente encourages students to quickly ask or respond to questions. Through this game they talk about their names, where they are from, their age, what they like, their favorites, how they are feeling, and even capitals of Spanish-speaking countries. It’s a great way to practice basic conversation skills while having fun.  Check out the Kindergarten class in action!

Desfile de Moda 2019

5th grade students have been working diligently this trimester planning their very own Spanish fashion show.  Our young designers worked day and night to piece together the perfect ensemble for this special event. Our top models hit the runway today wearing some of the trendiest attire of 2019.  Our designers gave full descriptions (in Spanish of course) of these latest fashions. Check it out! Make sure to watch Part 1 AND Part 2.

Spanish Updates

Kindergarten:  Kindergarten students continue to work on their numbers and identifying places in a city, which aligns nicely with their Urban Communities project in Mrs. Bradley’s class.  Challenge your Kindergarten student to count by tens in Spanish.  They should be able to make it all the way to one hundred! Next week we will begin identifying various modes of transportation.

First Grade:  First grade students have mastered how to say the 4 different seasons in Spanish and are working on various expressions to describe the weather.  Next week they will become meteorologists as they break into small groups and design their own 5-day forecasts.  Stay tuned for some videos of our first grade weather teams as they forecast some crazy weather!

Second Grade:  Second graders are now able to identify a wide range of recreational and athletic activities.  They can also count all the way to one hundred by tens and to one thousand by hundreds! Next week we will begin learning how to describe what people wear.

Third Grade:  Third grade students are right in the middle of their food and restaurant unit.  They have been learning various fruits, vegetables, and every day foods, and rehearsing how to order and make requests at a restaurant.  At the end of the trimester, they will put these skills to the test as we travel to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch.

Fourth Grade: Along with our Zoo unit, Fourth grade students began the 2nd trimester learning about the exciting world of verb conjugations!  We began with two irregular verbs, ser (to be) and tener (to have).  We are incorporating these two new verbs into our zoo project. Students are creating presentations about various zoo animals and describinf what they are like, what they like to do, what they eat, and what characteristics they have….all in Spanish.

Fifth Grade:  Fifth grade students have transformed into fashions designers and models this trimester.  They are in the process of planning their very own Desfile de Moda (Fashion Show), which will take place next week in front of a live audience.  Stay tuned for a very entertaining video and performance!

Sixth Grade: In Sixth grade, students are exploring the world of shopping in Spanish-speaking countries.  They are learning how to bargain, ask for prices, and describe articles of clothing.  Additionally, they are learning to describe actions in the past tense.

Seventh/Eighth Grades:  Seventh and eighth graders discussing La Vivienda (Housing).  Students are learning to describe the various parts of a house, rooms in a house, furnishings, and electric appliances.  Students are also exploring a new Spanish mood, the present subjunctive, which is used in Spanish to express uncertainty or doubt.


Spanish Competition Results

Upper school Spanish students had another successful showing at their 2nd competition of the year.  Students competed at Greenwood Laboratory School against 4 other schools in the area.  Categories included  Vocabulary 1 and 2, Poetry, and Culture Bowl. Results were as follows:

Vocabulary 1: 3rd Place (Gracie Keech)

Vocabulary 2: 1st Place (Calla Yearta-Sothern)

Culture Bowl: 3rd Place (McKenzie Blakey, Levi Scroggs, Luke Sharp, Anna Wallace)

Students will compete in their final competition of the year at the end of March.