los pronósticos del tiempo (Weather Forecasts)

During the 2nd Trimester, 1st Grade students have been exploring the theme: ¿Qué Tiempo Hace? (What is the Weather Like?)  They learned how to say the four seasons and a variety of different ways to describe the weather that may occur during each season.  To utilize these new skills, students were then divided into small groups and become meteorologists.  Each team chose a Spanish-speaking city or country and created their own 5 day forecast  for that location.  The weather got pretty wacky for some of these areas!  Check them out!

Viernes Culturales (Cultural Fridays)

On Fridays in Spanish class, students spend time exploring the countries and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. In lower school, students learn about a different country each trimester. During the 2nd trimester, third-fifth graders focused on the country of Argentina.  Students were given a basic introduction to the country and then were given various project options to complete as a way to explore and dive deeper into the country’s culture.  Projects included Google Slide presentations, musical performances of an authentic song or dance, cooking demonstrations of an authentic dish, travel videos, and travel brochures.  Check out some of the presentations below!

Yummy Alfajores!

Dance of Argentina

Mariposa Technicolor

Mi Tiempo Libre

In Second Grade Spanish, the theme for 2nd trimester is En Mi Tiempo Libre (In My Free Time). Students are now able to name a variety of athletic and free time activities, identify things needed to play or do these activities, and express which activities they like to play, do, or watch on the television.  Students used this information to write a paragraph about themselves and then presented it to their classmates.  They first wrote and read the paragraphs in Spanish and then translated their writing for our English-speaking audience.  Check them out below!  (We’ve had several absences and illnesses this week, so keep checking back if you don’t see your student’s presentation. We will get the rest of them posted next week.)

$2 Buy Out Day

$2 Uniform Buy Out Day: Thursday, February 6th

The Summit Upper School is headed to Spain! In June of 2019, The Summit will be taking a group of students (and parents) to España for an 11 day travel abroad experience! (There is still time to sign up! Final registration date is February 20th.)

The group is hosting an all school $2 Uniform Buy Out Day, as one of their fundraisers. This Buy Out Day, February 7th, is in honor of the seasonal Carnavales held in Spain. The Spanish Carnavales (carnivals) have a huge cultural significance to the country of Spanish and other Latin countries and take place between February and March annually.
All students, faculty, and staff may pay $2 (cash) and dress out of uniform tomorrow Thursday, February 7th. There is no theme to the dress out.
Questions about the Buy Out Day? Contact Amy Maas.
Questions about the travel abroad experience, and future experiences at The Summit? Contact Señora Leighninger.

Cielito Lindo

3rd graders are wrapping up their 2nd trimester unit: Vamos a comer (Let’s Eat).  Students can now name a variety of fruits, vegetables, everyday foods, items on a table, and utilize phrases necessary to dine at a Spanish-speaking restaurant. This week we were able to utilize these skills in a real word experience as we traveled to Cielito Lindo for lunch..  Students were responsible for ordering and making all requests in Spanish and they did an amazing job. They were even complimented by the managers and staff, who were extremely impressed with their Spanish.

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