Third Trimester Overview

Welcome back to school.  I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable break. It’s hard to believe that the third and final trimester of school is already underway!  Below you will find an overview of what each class in K-8 will be covering in Spanish class to wrap up the school year.

Kindergarten:  Our theme for the 3rd trimester is En la granja (On the Farm). Students will identify and name things found on the farm ,use action verbs to describe what various animals do, review and reinforce numbers 0-100, name the stages of the butterfly and frog life cycle, and identify various parts of the body of humans and animals.

1st Grade: Our theme for the 3rd trimester is Animales de mundo (Animals around the world). Students will identify and name animals from various classifications (arctic, mammals, insects, ocean, etc.), identify and use appropriate indefinite articles,  recall numbers 0-500, and utilize descriptive adjectives and action verbs to talk about various animals, their characteristics, and what they do.

2nd Grade: Our theme for the 3rd trimester is En mi casa (At My House). Students will name various parts of the house, rooms in a house, and a variety of appliances of furniture. Each student will describe his/her own house and/or dream house. Additionally, students will identify different body parts and organs and appy correct grammar rules when using adjectives and nouns together.

3rd Grade: Our theme for 3rd trimester is ¿Qué hay en Missouri? (What’s in Missouri?).  Students will  name and describe the characteristics of a number of animals found in Missouri, use prepositions to describe the location of a person, place, or thing, give directions from one point to another, and identify various geometric shapes.

4th Grade: Our theme for 3rd trimester is Mis sentimientos y emociones (My Feelings and Emotions). Students will use emotions to describe their feelings, continue using verbs in the present tense, conjugate and correctly use estar (to be) in the present tense, identify the differences between ser and estar, name and correctly (use interrogative words.

5th Grade: Our theme for 3rd trimester is En la selva tropical (In the Rain Forest). Students will name a variety of rain forest animals, describe rain forest animals’ physical appearance, discuss what is happening right now and what is going to happen, identify and correctly use demonstrative adjectives, and conjugate and correctly uses stem-changing verbs in the present tense.

6th Grade: Students just began a new unit: Mi Rutina Diaria  (My Daily Routine). Students will describe their daily routines, talk about personal hygiene, continue utilizing the past tense,  express  likes and interests, use reflexive verbs in the present tense, and identify and use indefinite and negative words.

7th/8th (Leighninger): Students just began a new unit: Un viaje en avión (A Trip on an Airplane). Students will talk about people, places, and things related to air travel, use common expressions needed at an airport, discuss what will, would, should, or could happen in the future, express will or desire using the present subjunctive, and discuss what has happened using the present perfect.