Viernes Culturales (Cultural Fridays)

Becoming proficient in a second language is not solely about  memorizing vocabulary, learning new phrases, and conjugating verbs.  It is also important to develop a better understanding of the culture of other countries and how their unique qualities compare and contrast to our own. Familiarizing ourselves with another nation’s way of life helps to broaden our global lens. This is an important element to The Summit’s Spanish program.

Fridays are dedicated to exploring various Spanish-speaking countries around the world.  In the lower grades, students spend each trimester learning about a different country’s geography, flag, coat of arms, popular landmarks, animals, music, etc.  The upper grades take this one step further by doing their own research on a specific country of their choice and completing a cultural project that is presented in front of their peers.  Some of these projects include Google Slide presentations, musical performances of an authentic song or dance, cooking demonstrations of an authentic dish, travel videos, board games, and travel brochures.

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Spanish classes are off to a fantástico start!  At The Summit, students receive Spanish every single day…TODOS LOS DÍAS!   Some of the highlights so far have been students choosing their very own Spanish name to use throughout the school year and playing one of the all-time favorite Spanish games,  Mono Loco or Crazy Monkey.  Mono Loco is a game that gets students up and moving around the classroom, while they practice their Spanish-speaking skills with peers.  Adding physical movement to the classroom is a powerful tool when learning a second language.  We will utilize this method, called TPR (Total Physical Response) throughout the year.

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