La frase de la semana (Phrase of the Week)

Every Monday students are introduced to a new frase de la semana (phrase of the week).  The phrases selected are common expressions or questions that we  use on a regular basis.  Once the phrase is mastered, students are encouraged and often required to use it not only in Spanish, but outside of class as well.  You may hear your child using these phrases at morning car line.  Here is a list of what has been introduced so far:

Sí entiendo. / No entiendo. (Yes, I understand. / I don’t understand)

¿Puedo ir al baño?   (May I go to the bathroom?)

¡Chócala! (High five!)

¿Puedo agarrar mi…?   (May I go grab my….)

¿Cómo se dice…?    (How do you say…?)

¡Que tenga(s) un buen día! (Have a good day!)

The Clapping Game

4th grade students have embarked on the exciting journey of verb conjugations! They have identified all of the Spanish subject pronouns and are learning the present tense verb conjugations of the irregular verb ser, which means ‘to be’.  Ser is one of the most commonly used verbs in daily conversation.  Through their new favorite game cleverly named, The Clapping Game, students have mastered this first conjugation and are beginning to utilize it in their  daily Spanish conversations.  Check out the video below of The Clapping Game in action.

First Trimester in Spanish

Spanish classes are well into their first thematic units of the year.  In lower school, these thematic units change with each trimester and often connect with a topic they are learning in their regular classrooms.  Upper school classes are on semesters, but also have themed units that change approximately every couple of months.

Here is an overview of our first units  for 1st-5th grade and Senora Leighninger’s upper school classes.

1st Grade:  En la escuela (At School)                                                                         -Identifies and names items and people found at school                               -Names and uses colors to describe things                                                         -Uses action verbs to describe what various people do at school           -Recites numbers 0-50                                                                                                     -Names a variety of geometric shapes                                                                     -Identifies and uses appropriate definite articles

2nd Grade:  El sistema solar y más allá (The Solar System and Beyond)                                                                                                                                     -Names the planets in our solar system                                                                 -Identifies and names various things found in space                                       -Recites numbers 0-100                                                                                                 -Names a variety of geometric shapes                                                                   -Identifies and uses appropriate definite and indefinite articles                -Uses appropriate vocabulary phrases to complete basic math                  problems

3rd Grade: ¡Vamos a viajar! (Let’s Travel!)                                                           -Names various items needed to travel                                                                   -Names various items found in nature                                                                     -Uses descriptive adjectives to talk about things in nature                         -Names the 4 directions (north, south, east, west)                                           -Names popular sports and athletic activities                                                     -Uses action verbs to talk about athletic activities                                           -Recites numbers 0-500                                                                                                 -Applies correct grammar rules when using definite and indefinite

4th Grade:  La Vida Marina (Sea Life)                                                                       -Names various things found in the ocean                                                             -Describes the features of various things found in the ocean                   -Identifies and names the subject pronouns                                                       -Conjugates and correctly uses ser in the present tense                             -Recites numbers 0-million                                                                                           -Applies correct grammar rules when using nouns, adjectives, and         articles together

5th Grade: Las Mascotas (Pets)                                                                                     -Names different kinds of pets                                                                                   -Describes pets’ physical appearance                                                                     -Describes pets’ personality and behavior                                                           -Categorizes pets into animal groups                                                                       -Conjugates and correctly uses regular present tense verbs                     -Conjugates and correctly uses estar and hacer in the present tense -Uses the present progressive to talk about what is happening right       now                                                                                                                                             -Recites numbers 0-millions

6th Grade: Unit 1: ¡Vamos a comer!  (Let’s Eat!)                                      Topics / Conversation:                                                                                                      -Order food in Spanish                                                                                                      -Talk about and describe food                                                                                      -Planning a new restaurant and designing its menu

Grammar: Review of present tense verbs, Stem-changing verbs, Verbs with Irregular Yo Forms, Making comparisons

8th/HS: Unit 1: Don Quijote y España                                                          Topics / Conversation:                                                                                                       -Learn the autonomous communities (regions) of Spain                             -Discuss the life of Miguel Cervantes Don Quijote                                         -Recognize and describe the physical and emotional characteristics     of various characters in the novel                                                                             -Summarize each chapter through writing, discussions, and                       presentations

Grammar: Review of various tenses and moods: Indicative mood -past, present, future), Subjunctive mood -present, Imperative mood -affirmative / negative, formal vs. informal