Spanish Theater

Image result for gingerbread boyFor one of their electives this semester, 6th grade students are participating in Spanish Theater.  Students have selected  El mocito de galleta (The Cookie Boy), a spin-off of the familiar fairy tale The Gingerbread Man. Sixth graders are having a great time rehearsing their scripts and planning their costumes and prop ideas. Through this process they are building on their Spanish vocabulary and sentence structure, while increasing their fluency in reading and comprehension. We will end with a performance at the end of the semester for friends and parents.

Fuera de la clase

One of the many unique features of The Summit is that we offer Spanish to our students every single day.  This is an amazing opportunity for Summit learners and provides them with a strong foundation towards learning a second language.  Students can further build on their skills if they take Spanish fuera de la clase,  or outside of the walls of the classroom.  They are encouraged to practice at home with friends and family, or even in the community.  Here are some great tips on how to continue using, practicing, and learning Spanish even if you, the parent, don’t speak it.

-Use Google Translate or an English/Spanish dictionary and label things around your house in Spanish.

-Watch your favorite movies, but change the language settings to Spanish.

-Get involved with native speakers in the community.

-YouTube has all sorts of videos in Spanish on any topic you desire!

-YouTube also has a wide variety of popular Spanish songs with subtitles

-Visit the library and check out books in Spanish.

-Check out the free app DuoLingo.

-Find an online resource that will connect you with a pen pal from a Spanish-speaking country.

-Visit the Links page on the Spanish Blog.  There are all sorts of games and resources for practicing your Spanish skills.