The Pulsera Project

The Upper School Spanish students are sponsoring “The Pulsera Project” at  The Summit. “The Pulsera Project” is a non-profit organization that empowers young Nicaraguan and Guatemalan artisans through the sale of their colorful hand woven bracelets (“pulseras” in Spanish) in U.S. schools. Proceeds from the Pulsera sale are reinvested in numerous programs in Nicaragua.
The Pulsera Sale will begin Monday, December 2nd and will run through Friday, December 13th.   Pulseras will be sold in the front lobby before and after school and will be available for purchase during lunch in the 2nd floor Spanish room. Students may also bring money to Spanish class and make purchases then.
Each pulsera is a unique work of art and will sell for only $5!
When you wear a pulsera, you not only share the voice of a young Nicaraguan, but you raise your own voice too, speaking out for opportunity, unity, and a more equal and colorful world.
To learn more about this project go to, or if you have any questions email Señora Leighninger at

Mi Pasaporte

Each student in 1st through 5th grade receives their very own pasaporte or passport to keep in their Spanish folder.  We talk about the purpose of a real passport and how we need it to enter and exit countries outside of the United States.  It’s also a great way to keep track of all of the countries we visit when we travel.

In the same spirit, we will use our pasaportes in Spanish class to keep track of our progress.  At the end of each unit, students will get their very own stamps to put in their passports. Each stamp represents a different vocabulary theme or grammatical concept that we learned during the trimester.  We will date each sticker and maintain this system all the way through 5th grade.  By the end of their 5th grade year, students will have a passport full of stamps and good memories of all the Spanish they learn in lower school at The Summit.


Un día de nieve (Snow Day)

¡Feliz día de nieve! (Happy Snow Day!)  I hope you all are enjoying the snow day and staying warm.  If you are looking for some indoor activities to do, here are some ideas:

-Visit the links page on the Spanish Blog where you will find all sorts of games and activities.

-Listen to the English and then Spanish versions of The Snowy Day or El  día de nieve by Ezra Jack Keats.

-Check your DVDs and see if any of your favorites have Spanish audio.

-Listen to some of your favorite Spanish songs from our YouTube playlist.

Los Planetas (2nd Grade)

In Specials Classes at The Summit, we often try and correlate our lessons with what the students are learning in other content areas in order to make connections beyond the classroom and deepen understanding.

Our theme this trimester in 2nd Grade Spanish is El sistema solar y más allá (The Solar System and Beyond), which aligns nicely with their science unit.  Students worked in pairs choosing a planet to research, illustrate, and write about in Spanish.  They practiced presenting  with their teacher, in front of their peers, and finally in front of the camera.  Check it out!

Día de los Muertos

This week in Spanish class students celebrated one of the most popular Mexican holidays, Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.  While the name of the holiday doesn’t exactly sound happy, students discovered that it is all about celebrating life and remembering our loved ones that have passed on.  After learning about the foods, traditions, and activities that are associated with this 2-day holiday, students rotated through centers all themed around Día de los Muertos. 

On Thursday, we took our 2nd annual K-12 Spanish field trip to MSU for its Day of the Dead festival.  Students were able to learn more about this popular Mexican holiday through hands-on activities.  Students made their own papel picado, decorated sugar skulls, created beautiful flowers from tissue paper, sampled pan de muerto, watched traditional dances of Mexico, and even danced and sang with a live mariachi band.  We can’t wait to return next year! Check out the pictures and video below.

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