Pulsera Service Project

The Pulsera Project was a huge success.  The Summit community purchased 174 handmade bracelets and 30  bags which brought in $1,180.  This money will help sustain jobs for nearly 200 Central American artists, and will go towards educational programs, scholarships, community development, housing, etc. that help empower these young people and their families. Thanks to all who helped support The Pulsera Project!

¡Otro día de nieve! (Another Snow Day!)

¡Otro día de nieve! Another snow day!  Here are a few activities you can do to keep those Spanish skills sharp.

Actividad 1: Have a conversation with a friend or parent, and teach them at least one phrase in Spanish. Use the following outline as a guide:
– Greeting (¡Hola! ¡Buenos días! ¡Buenas tardes! Or ¡Buenas noches!)
– Introduce yourself (Me llamo…)
– Ask them their name (¿Cómo te llamas?)
– Ask them at least 2 questions.                                                                               How they are (¿Cómo estás?) Likes (¿Qué te gusta?)
-Teach them how to ask you the same
– Say goodbye (Adios, Nos vemos)

Actividad 2: Label things around your house in Spanish. Uses Google Translate to look up words you don’t know.

Actividad 3: Visit this website. Choose a vocabulary category to review and then play a game.

Actividad 4: Research and find out more information about our new country, Paraguay. What are some typical dishes, animals, plants, clothing, music, art, etc?

Bump Up Day

Bump Up Day in Spanish class was a success!  5th graders joined 6th graders for the day to give them a glimpse into upper school at The Summit.  In Spanish, 5th and 6th graders embarked on a busqueda de tesoro, or scavenger hunt.  Students worked in small groups to solve various clues that led them all around the building.  Each pistaor clue, was not only written in Spanish, but also had some sort of puzzle to solve.  Some messages were scrambled or backwards, some required a key to decode, and others even required physical strength.  Students did an excellent job of collaborating and using their Spanish skills to successfully complete the challenge.  Check out some photos from their adventure.

Scavenger Hunt Photos (5th/6th)