Upcoming Projects, Presentations, and Field Trips

Collaborative projects, presentations, and field trips are all important elements of The Summit.  These components enable  an environment that fosters the joy of learning for students and creates a unique experience.  Here is what that currently looks like in Spanish class:

First Grade:  First grade students have mastered how to say the 4 different seasons in Spanish and are working on various expressions to describe the weather.  This week they will become meteorologists as they break into small groups and design their own 5-day forecasts.  Stay tuned for some videos of our first grade weather teams as they forecast some crazy weather!

Second Grade:  Second graders are now able to identify a wide range of recreational and athletic activities.  They can also count all the way to one hundred by tens and to one thousand by hundreds! This week they will write and illustrate about what they like to do in their free time. When finished they will present these paragraphs to the class and we will post them to YouTube.

Third Grade:  Third grade students are right in the middle of their food and restaurant unit.  They have been learning various fruits, vegetables, and every day foods, and rehearsing how to order and make requests at a restaurant.  At the end of the trimester, they will put these skills to the test as we travel to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch.

Fourth Grade: Along with our zoo unit, Fourth grade students began the 2nd trimester learning about the exciting world of irregular verb conjugations!  We began with two irregular verbs, ser (to be) and tener (to have).  We are incorporating these two new verbs into our zoo project. Students are designing their own zoos and describing what each animal looks like, what they like to do, what they eat, and what characteristics they have….all in Spanish.

Fifth Grade:  Fifth grade students have transformed into fashions designers and models this trimester.  They are in the process of planning their very own Desfile de Moda (Fashion Show), which will take place in front of a live audience.  Stay tuned for a very entertaining video and performance!

Sixth Grade: In Sixth grade, students are exploring the world of shopping in Spanish-speaking countries.  They are learning how to bargain, ask for prices, and describe articles of clothing.  Additionally, they are learning to describe actions in the past tense. They are combining all of these skills to create a digital Fashion Show which will be presented in front of their peers.

8th/High School:  8th and High School students are discussing the news and current events in Spanish class.  Students are learning terminology to discuss real issues and happenings around the world.  Students are also exploring a new Spanish mood, the subjunctive, which is used in Spanish to express uncertainty or doubt.  They are working in groups to publish their very own Spanish newspapers complete with current event articles, a weather forecast, a comic strip, a crossword puzzle, a sports section, a restaurant review, and horoscopes.

2nd Trimester Overview

Our 2nd trimester thematic units are well underway.  Here is an overview of what 1st-5th grade and Mrs. Leighninger’s upper school classes are covering:

1st Grade: ¿Qué tiempo hace? (What is the weather like?)                         -Names the four season                                                                                                  -Uses weather expressions to talk about different types of weather    -Uses action verbs to describe what people do in different types of weather                                                                                                                                     -Uses me gusta and no me gusta to express likes and dislikes                  -Uses adjectives to describe seasons and weather                                          -Recites numbers 0-100

2nd Grade: En mi tiempo libre (In My Free Time)                                                -Names a variety of athletic and free time activities                                       -Identifies items needed to do free time activities                                          -Describes what people wear during different free time activities         -Uses adjectives to describe what people look like                                        -Recites numbers 0-500                                                                                                  -Uses phrases to express likes and dislikes about free time

3rd Grade: Vamos a comer (Let’s Eat)                                                                    -Names a variety of everyday foods                                                                         -Identifies items found on a restaurant table                                                     -Orders food and makes requests in a restaurant                                           -Identifies food groups and names foods within each group                    -Uses verbs in the 1st person                                                                                       -Recites numbers 0-1000

4th Grade:  En el zoológico (At the Zoo)                                                                  -Names various animals found at the zoo                                                             -Describes the features of different animals at the zoo                              -Describes what different animals do                                                                     -Conjugates and correctly uses the verb tener in the present tense   -Uses tener to express various states of being                                                  -Conjugates and correctly uses                                                                                   -AR verbs in the present tense                                                                                     -Conjugates and correctly uses -ER/-IR verbs in the present tense

5th Grade: ¡Vamos de compras! (Let’s Go Shopping!)                                    -Names various articles of clothing                                                                          -Names various accessories                                                                                          -Uses phrases necessary to go shopping                                                               -Asks and tells what time it is                                                                                      -Conjugates and correctly uses ir, ver, venir, and dar in the present tense                                                                                                                                            -Expresses possession using de                                                                                   -Uses possessive adjectives to talk about what belongs to others

6th Grade: Unit 3: ¡Vamos de compras!  (Let’s Go Shopping!)              Topics / Conversation:                                                                                                      -Talk about and describe clothing                                                                               -Express preferences in a store                                                                                  -Negotiate and pay for items                                                                                        -Talk about things you did in the past

Grammar: Interrogatives, Direct Object Pronouns, Preterite Tense of Regular Verbs, Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

8th/HS: Unit 3: En las noticias (In The News)                                                    Topics / Conversation:                                                                                                      -Talk about and describe travel experiences                                                       -Discuss current events and social issues                                                            -Practice terminology related to politics                                                               -Talk abut and discuss the media                                                                               -Discuss headlines and main stories from authentic resources               -Publish a newspaper

Grammar: Subjunctive mood (present, past, present perfect, past perfect,), If clauses with verbs in the subjunctive mood, If clauses with verbs in the indicative mood,  new words and words borrowed from English