Spanish Weather Forecasts

During the 2nd Trimester, 1st Grade students have been exploring the theme: ¿Qué Tiempo Hace? (What is the Weather Like?)  They learned how to say the four seasons and a variety of different ways to describe the weather that may occur during each season.  To utilize these new skills, students were then divided into small groups and become meteorologists.  Each team chose a Spanish-speaking country and created their own 5 day forecast  for that location.  The weather got pretty wacky for some of these areas!  Check them out!

Desfile de Moda 2020

5th grade students have been working diligently this trimester planning their very own Spanish fashion show.  Our young designers worked day and night to piece together the perfect ensemble for this special event. Our top models hit the runway on Thursday and Friday wearing some of the trendiest attire of 2020.  Our designers gave full descriptions (in Spanish of course) of these latest fashions. Check it out!

En Mi Tiempo Libre (In My Free Time)

In Second Grade Spanish, the theme for 2nd trimester is En Mi Tiempo Libre (In My Free Time). Students are now able to name a variety of athletic and free time activities, identify things needed to play or do these activities, and express which activities they like to play, do, or watch on the television.  Students used this information to write a paragraph about themselves and then presented it to their classmates.

Preguntas, Preguntas, Preguntas

In order to get our brains thinking in Spanish, we begin each class with some sort of preguntas (questions) activity.  Students practice exchanging information about their names, origin, age, birthday, likes and dislikes, favorites, feelings, and even capitals of Spanish-speaking countries.  Most students love to chat, so this is a great way to get them talking in Spanish.  Check out the 3rd graders in action.