La casa de mis sueños

2nd grade students have been learning common vocabulary and phrases used around the house.  Students have utilized different educational websites, watched videos, played interactive games,  and attended weekly Spanish Zoom meetings to become more comfortable with the Spanish terms for parts of the house, rooms in the house, appliances, and furnishings. As a final project, 2nd graders designed la casa de sus sueños, or their dream house.  Students were encouraged to use their creativity to include all of the typical rooms and parts of the house, along with any other fun ideas and features. They labeled each item in Spanish and will be completing a writing project this week to describe their creations.  I want to live in some of these houses! Check them out.

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Many of our lower school Spanish thematic units this trimester are focused on animals.  In connection with their science and social studies topics, students are learning about arctic animals, forest animals, animals in Missouri, insects, and rain forest animals.

As a culminating project, students are creating their own AlebrijeAlebrijes, created in the 1930’s by Pedro Linares, are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of imaginary creatures.  You may recognize the term Alebrije from the recent movie Coco, where several of these spirit animals played a role.  Here is a video furthering explaining Alebrijes.

Students were challenged with incorporating features from at  least 3 different animals they have learned about into one unique Alebrije. This week they will be writing a description (in Spanish, of course) about these new, colorful creations. Check out what they have come up with so far!

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Spanish Joke of the Week

Another week of distance learning is in the books.  Congratulations, as we have made it to week 4.  Remember to check the Distance Learning tab for this week’s Spanish learning plan.  Here’s a little Spanish humor for your Monday:

Spanish Zoom This Week

Hola!  Can you believe we have made it to the 3rd week of Distance Learning? Hopefully families have adjusted and are finding a routine that works best at their homes. The Spanish learning plan for April 6th-9th has been posted under the Distance Learning tab on the blog, so be sure to check it out.  I am so excited to join 1st through 5th grade classes this week during their Zoom class meeting.  I will be hosting and doing a Spanish activity, so be sure to join  your class for the weekly meeting!  ¡Nos vemos el miércoles!