Many of our lower school Spanish thematic units this trimester are focused on animals.  In connection with their science and social studies topics, students are learning about arctic animals, forest animals, animals in Missouri, insects, and rain forest animals.

As a culminating project, students are creating their own AlebrijeAlebrijes, created in the 1930’s by Pedro Linares, are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of imaginary creatures.  You may recognize the term Alebrije from the recent movie Coco, where several of these spirit animals played a role.  Here is a video furthering explaining Alebrijes.

Students were challenged with incorporating features from at  least 3 different animals they have learned about into one unique Alebrije. This week they will be writing a description (in Spanish, of course) about these new, colorful creations. Check out what they have come up with so far!

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