Culture Day 2020

Despite the distance, Culture Day 2020 was a huge success!  Students were able to join various live Zoom sessions throughout the day to participate in different cultural activities.

Señora Raven kicked off the day with a traditional game of Lotería.  Similar to Bingo, students used jelly beans, skittles, dried beans, etc. as markers as they tried to be the first person to cover four pictures in a row on their board.

Upper school students Sydney and Emily did an amazing demonstration of two traditional dances. Students learned each step alongside them and then were able to put all of the steps together to create one beautiful dance.

Mrs. Teed had an exciting soccer challenge.  She and a guest demonstrated how to dribble a soccer ball with your feet and then challenged the students to see how many times they could dribble the ball without it touching the ground.

After lunch, students were able to join Mrs. Bradley to create their very own sugar skull drawing. With simple, step-by-step directions, Mrs. Bradley demonstrated how to draw these amazing works of art by hand. They turned out amazing!

Students learned how to make authentic tortillas with Señora Leighninger. Students were able to follow directions and make delicious tortillas in their own kitchens using masa and water. From there some chose to eat them with honey or even made tacos.

We ended our day with a fun Spanish Jazzercise class led by Ms. Amy. It was a great way to get our bodies moving, listen to Spanish music, and burn off those tortilla calories!

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