Updates From Spanish

Masks and physical distance have not stopped the joy of learning in Spanish classes this year! Students are well into their first thematic units.

First grades students have reviewed the alphabet, colors, and numbers, and began learning about various items found in the classroom. Their cultural focus for the 1st trimester is the country of Honduras. See if they can show you were it is on the map!

To connect with what they are learning in their classroom, 2nd grades students are learning the names of planets and other space vocabulary in Spanish. Soon, they will begin to research and write a short report in Spanish about one of the planets.

Third graders are learning various words and phrases to use when in nature or when traveling. They also began researching and creating a Google Slide presentation about the country of Honduras.

In fourth grade, students have entered the wonderful world of verb conjugations. They have learned how to conjugate the verb ser (to be) in the present tense and how to apply it using simple sentences. They are also working on presentations about the culture of Nicaragua.

Fifth grade students are creating Google Slide show presentations to share about their favorite pets. They are utilizing the present tense to write  Spanish descriptions about each animal’s characteristics, features, and habits. Fifth graders are researching the culture of Nicaragua.

In middle school, sixth grade students are learning how to conjugate stem-changing verbs, make comparisons, and describe foods. Their first thematic unit is Vamos a comer! (Let’s Eat!). Students are learning vocabulary and phrases needed when ordering food at a restaurant.  They are also working in groups to create their own restaurant, complete with a menu and a presentation in Spanish about their concept, decor, favorite dishes, etc.