Over the past week, first graders have continued to build number sense.  Math packets remain a favorite activity as each child works at an individual

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Beginning on Friday, students learned about how Martin Luther King Jr. changed our country.  Through Time for Kids, first graders examined King’s life, and how

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The Goat in the Rug

In learning about the Navajo of the southwest region, we read The Goat in the Rug.  Geraldine, the goat, tells the story of how Glenmae,

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Brrr! It’s cold outside.   This week students have explored temperature.  First graders are learning how to read a thermometer using degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius

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Beginning Blends

When two or more consonants appear together at the beginning of a word and the sound of each letter is heard, the sound is called

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Native American Games

To enhance their study of Native American culture, first graders spent an afternoon making equipment for and playing a traditional game. Historically, some Native Americans made balls

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High Frequency Spelling Words

This week’s spelling list will be selected from a high frequency spelling word list.  After completing an assessment, students will choose misspelled words to create

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